Ethiopia: The Birthplace of Coffee

Posted by Matthew on 3/5/2021 to Newsletters
Ethiopia Highlands - Coast to Coast CoffeeCoffee is Ethiopia’s biggest export. It produces almost a billion pounds of coffee per year and over a tenth of its citizens work in coffee production. The word "coffee" even derives from Kaffa – the name of a place in the southwestern Ethiopian Highlands where coffee was first discovered.

The Dope on Caffeine: Healthy or Unhealthy?

Posted by Matthew on 10/30/2020 to Newsletters
Caffeine - Coast to Coast CoffeeIt won’t come as a surprise to many that coffee contains caffeine. That’s a big part of the reason why people drink it: there’s nothing like a good cup of joe to wake you up in the morning. Of course, it’s delicious, too.

Mycotoxins and Coffee: Should you be Worried?

Posted by Matthew on 7/13/2020 to Newsletters
Green Coffee - Coast to Coast CoffeeOur customers occasionally ask about mycotoxins – toxic chemicals that are the products of moulds on agricultural crops.  They probably would never have started asking about them if Bulletproof Coffee Company hadn’t centered a marketing campaign around their mycotoxin-free coffee.

The Importance of Fair Trade Coffee

Posted by Matthew on 1/27/2020 to Newsletters
Fair Trade Coffee Cherries‘Fair Trade’. You see these words on packaging, along with ‘Certified Organic’. It’s something that we all like the sound of, but what does it really mean? Coffee is such a big part of most every morning that we rarely stop to think about where it comes from, or who grows it.

The Importance of Organic Coffee

Posted by Matthew on 4/15/2019 to Newsletters
Organic Coffee CherriesOnce upon a time, all coffee was organically grown. Even when chemical fertilizers came on the scene, coffee continued to be organically grown for many decades. Since coffee bushes love shade, they were traditionally planted under existing forest canopy – an arrangement that worked well. The majority, if not all organic coffee, is still shade-grown. 

Nicaragua Café Femenino

Posted by Matthew on 3/1/2018 to Newsletters

Nicaragua Cafe FemeninoProduct Feature: Nicaragua Corcasan Café Femenino

We are excited to be offering a delicious new coffee from another Café Femenino certified cooperative in Nicaragua! This coffee is brought to you by the woman farmers of Corcasan.  

Sumatra Café Femenino

Posted by Matthew on 5/5/2017 to Newsletters

Product Feature: Sumatra Café Femenino

We are super excited to be offering a fantastic new coffee from Sumatra. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also certified Café Femenino. This certification reflects a movement empowering women in remote coffee-growing regions – it ensures that the women coffee producers behind all Café Feminino products are recognized and fairly compensated for their work. 

Just Say NO to Bad Hotel Coffee

Posted by Matthew on 2/16/2016 to Newsletters

Travel Coffee Kit

Over the years, I've taken many trips where I've been disappointed with the terrible coffee offered in hotels – especially the in room coffee. The last thing you want when you first wake up on vacation is bad coffee – yuck! Luckily, it's never been easier to make great coffee yourself while on the road. All you need are a few simple things. 

Easy Homemade Iced Coffee

Posted by Matthew on 7/27/2015 to Newsletters

Iced Coffee

What's better than Iced Coffee on a hot summer day? Not a whole lot if you ask me! But why would you pay big bucks for coffee with ice when you can easily make it at home for a fraction of the price? Here are a few tips to make a delicious, refreshing Iced Coffee that will really hit the spot without putting a dent in your wallet.    

The Clever Dripper - Product Review

Posted by Matthew on 5/1/2015 to Newsletters

The Clever Dripper

We recently started using The Clever Dripper in our home, and it’s been fantastic! Part of what makes it great is that you can steep your grinds within the cone itself, courtesy of a built-in valve that only releases coffee once you place the filter on top of your cup.