Something Special Brewing with Red Door Shelter

Organic Coffee Cherries
Some time ago, my family and I started contributing coffee donations to Red Door Family Shelter, a Toronto organization that assists families, refugees and women fleeing violence. They have been around for a while—since 1982, when only one other shelter was operating in Toronto.
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Just Say NO to Bad Hotel Coffee

Travel Coffee Kit

Over the years, I've taken many trips where I've been disappointed with the terrible coffee offered in hotels – especially the in room coffee. The last thing you want when you first wake up on vacation is bad coffee – yuck! Luckily, it's never been easier to make great coffee yourself while on the road. All you need are a few simple things. 

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The Clever Dripper - Product Review

The Clever Dripper

We recently started using The Clever Dripper in our home, and it’s been fantastic! Part of what makes it great is that you can steep your grinds within the cone itself, courtesy of a built-in valve that only releases coffee once you place the filter on top of your cup. 

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Grise Fiord

Grise Fiord Coffee Delivery

I am happy to announce that we have new client from Grise Fiord, the northernmost, year-round inhabited place in Canada!

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Coffee Donations Go a Long Way

Stop Community CentreSomething great is brewing at the Stop Community Food Centre! 

Located in the West end of Toronto, The Stop Community Food Centre is an amazing non-profit organization that offers a number of programs to help them achieve their mission of increasing access to healthy food for all.


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