Colombia Excelso

Colombia Excelso

Grind Type
Coffee Plan

LIGHT ROASTFair Trade Canada Organic

Region: Cauca (Central and Southwestern region of Cauca)
Producer: COSURCA (Cooperativa del Sur de Cauca)
Elevation: 1400 – 1900 m 
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

A delicious medium-bodied coffee with citrus flavour, a rich acidity and a clean & sweet aftertaste. Hints of light caramel mixed with nutty undertones, but if you let the flavour linger, you can taste the notes of dark cherry followed by a chocolate finish. 

Founded in 1993, COSURCA looks to improve the lives of its coffee farmers through the cooperation of its members to achieve market access for its products, as well technical assistance to produce high quality coffee. Focusing on small scale farmers and their families allows future generations to produce coffee efficiently and effectively, make a living, and improve the lives of hard working people in very remote areas. COSURCA is also passionate about taking care of the environment and works with all of its producers to establish environmentally friendly processing practices, such as filtration systems that improve the heavily saturated "honey water" which results from the washed processing methods. 


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