Costa Rica Yellow Honey

Costa Rica Yellow Honey

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Region: Naranjo Alajuela, West Valley
Producer: Hacienda Miramonte
Elevation: 1000 – 1200 m 

Price: $24.95/400g package

This incredible, very limited microlot of coffee is honey processed, which lends a floral and subtle fruitiness to its tasting notes. It's sweet but not high in acidity, as well as full-bodied, creating an extremely well balanced cup. 

Honey processed coffee is very popular in Costa Rica right now. During the honey process, coffee is dried with some or all of the mucilage encasing the seed (beans) of the coffee cherry. The mucilage is sticky and slimy, so it is sometimes called "honey" - which is how the process gets its name. The mucilage ferments slightly as it dries, which lends a complexity to the flavour profile of the coffee.

The 200-hectare farm Hacienda Miramonte is owned and operated by Ricardo and Viviana Gurdian, where they have 180 hectares of coffee planted in a number of different varieties. The farm reaches back over 100 years to Lucila Duval de Morales, who made the decision to plant coffee in 1917 on land she purchased herself. Now her great-grandson Ricardo has inherited his ancestor's determination and drive, and he has upheld her legacy by focusing on specialty coffees as well as contributing to the land itself by attaining and keeping up several ecological responsible certifications.

We have a limited supply of this delicious and unique coffee, so order now before we run out! We will begin roasting & shipping the first round of orders on November 25/26. Treat yourself for the holidays, or consider this as a special gift for the coffee lover in your life!