Q – How does it work?

A – Simply select a coffee and a delivery plan, and you will begin receiving coffee direct to your mailbox. It’s as simple as that. Amazing coffees, great price, delivery included!

Q – How much coffee do I need?

A – This depends on how many coffee drinkers are in your home or office, and how many cups are consumed per person per day. Our 400 g package makes about 40 x 8 oz cups of coffee.



 When will our first order ship and arrive?

A – We are currently roasting Tuesday/Wednesday of each week, and ship your coffee out within 24 hours of being roasted. We offer Free Standard Shipping (no tracking.) Depending on where you are in Canada, you can expect your coffee to arrive within 2 to 6 business days. Please note, holidays and inclement weather can sometimes lead to longer than delivery times.

 How often does my coffee arrive?

A – This depends on the plan chosen. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans. You can easily change your plan or coffee at any time. 

 What do I need to do if I move?

A – Simply log into your account and update your Shipping Information. If you have an active recurring order, you will have to cancel it and place a new recurring order to replace it.  

 How do I change my plan or coffee?

A – Simply log into your account and cancel your recurring order. You can then sign up for a new plan and/or coffee of your choice.

 Will I ever need to renew my plan?

A – No. Your coffee deliveries will automatically continue as long as you wish. It's easy to skip an order or cancel anytime. There are no commitments or hidden fees. 

 How do I skip an order?

A – Simply log into your account and click on the 'view/edit' link beside your recurring order. On the next page, adjust the 'Next Order' date to reflect your desired delivery date. We ask for 3 days notice, otherwise your order will be shipped and you will be charged. Here's a short video that demonstrates the process:

 Do you offer discounts on more frequent orders?

A – Yes. A bi-weekly plan reduces your price by $1.00 per order, while a weekly plan reduces it by $2.00! 

– How do I prevent my coffee from being sent to a Canada Post 'pickup centre' if I'm not home?

A – If you think the package may not fit within your mailbox, you can leave a note for your mail person to let them know it‘s okay to leave it elsewhere (e.g. on your porch.) You can also have it sent to another address where someone might be available to receive it (e.g. work.)


 When is my credit card charged for recurring orders?

A – Your credit card is charged immediately for your first order. All subsequent orders are charged on the Wednesday prior to the day they are shipped. Coast to Coast Coffee is a pay as you go service, and payments are made one shipment at a time. There are no commitments or hidden fees.

 How is my personal information protected?

A – Coast to Coast Coffee transactions are SSL encrypted for maximum security. Click on the icons in the footer below to view our third party security certificates. As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we will never share you personal data.

 I have a question not listed here.

A – Send us an email to [email protected]– we will be happy to get back to you shortly!