For any coffee lovers out there, you may have a morning coffee-making routine that you’ve grown accustomed to. Grinding your coffee is a science, as is achieving the right water temperature, and preparing the coffee beverage itself takes precision. Pouring that cup of joe and sipping away with your favourite morning meal is a beautiful thing. 

Choosing the best kind of coffee can be quite the decision if there are certain blends you particularly love, or if you’re new to coffee. Each blend is an acquired taste and requires different preparation processes when brewing coffee. 

For any French press lovers, we’ve got the best coffee for French press preparation. Read on for our top picks for the perfect French press coffee.

How Does a French Press Coffee Maker Work?

French press is not a type of coffee but rather a coffee brewing method. Also called a plunger pot or press pot, a French press consists of a vessel, often made of glass, and a plunger with a metal mesh filter. Making French press is extremely simple, which is why anyone who loves coffee can make it without any fuss. 

To make French press coffee, pour coarse ground coffee beans and hot water in the cylindrical glass vessel. Then, place the plunger on top of the vessel without pushing the plunger down. This seals the coffee mixture, allowing it to brew. 

After several minutes of steeping, push the plunger down slowly to allow the coffee beans to filter to the bottom of the brew. Then, voila! It’s as simple as that to make a fresh cup of French press coffee that’s ready to pour into your favourite coffee mug and drink. 

Why Is French Press the Best Coffee?

Considered to be one of the best coffee preparation methods, French press has a distinctly bold, rich flavour that is preferred amongst coffee lovers. Other brewing methods can be milder in taste, and a press method can bring out the deeper flavours in the coffee bean. 

This is because the French press has a longer steeping time than drip coffee, so the hot water can absorb the coffee bean's full flavour. Strong beans like Ethiopian coffee provide rich flavours that can be brought out through the pressing brew process. 

Since the coffee grounds are steeped for several minutes, the end result of French press coffee is often a rich, full-bodied coffee with an intensely strong aroma. For a full coffee drinking experience, coffee lovers really enjoy the French press to bring out the best in their chosen coffee blend. 

The coffee is able to steep for longer because of the vessel it’s kept in. The glass cylindrical vessel is sealed by a metal or nylon filter, which creates a great seal, restricting any coffee oils to escape through steam. The coffee can fully develop and none of it will be lost by the time it’s poured in your cup. 

Because of its brewing time, the French press allows for complete control of the brewing process. Drip coffee needs several elements in place to ensure a smooth brew, but French press has a brew method that is entirely up to the user to control. 

From water temperature, to steep time, to how much coffee is being used, you can fully control the flavour of your coffee. For anyone new to coffee or coffee lovers looking to try something new, this control allows for some fun experimentation, and you can find the perfect brewing routine for your preferred flavour profile. 

Best Coffee for a French Press Coffee Maker

We have a few options for best French press coffee, and while we understand that some people like pre-ground coffee because it's more convenient, we recommend whole-bean coffee. With whole-bean coffee, you can use your own burr grinder at home to get the coarse grind that's ideal for brewing coffee in a French press. Here are some of our favourite specialty coffee blends.

Cameroon Caplami Cooperative

Our Cameroon Caplami Cooperative is a light roast that is washed to perfection, from the western province of Mifi in Cameroon. It’s got deep flavours of plum, toffee, and nutmeg that really come out during the steeping process, making it great for French press. 

This java sips down smooth, plus, like all of the coffee we offer, it’s fair trade. The Caplami Cooperative is responsible for growing these beans, on the highlands of Cameroon on Mount Oku.

Peru Penachi

Our Peru Panachi is shade-grown in the remote mountains of the Penachi region, with a growers group of 300 certified organic farms. This roast offers a bright and lively coffee with a rich, mild-to-medium body and delicate acidity. 

Use your French press to achieve the full flavour of this blend, noticing the hints of baker's chocolate, and a black cherry note.

Guatemala Nahualá

This medium roast Guatemala Nahualá has a rich, smoky flavour with chocolatey goodness. When making this brew with a French press, you may find you won’t need to add any additional sweetener, since it already has a slight syrupy sweetness to it. 

This is a shade-grown, certified organic and fair-trade coffee grown by the Cooperativa Nahualá, a group of 126 families who invest the money back into their farms and community. 

Dam Good Drip

Dam Good Drip is a medium roast that offers an exceptionally balanced flavour profile. With a smoky aroma and a full-bodied flavour, there are subtle fruity and sweet hints of dates and honey. 

This is a blend of coffees from Central America, Africa, and Pacific regions, so for anyone seeking a unique coffee experience, look no further. 


With the right coffee blend, French press coffee is one of the best coffee making methods for anyone who appreciates a good brew. For a bold flavour and strong aroma, a French press gives you total control throughout the brewing process, allowing for enough time to steep your coffee for optimal taste. 

For an on-the-go version of the coffee aficionado’s favourite brew method, check out the Espro Travel Press. In the perfect 12 oz size, it fits in most cup holders as well as bag bottle holders. 

The double lid has silicone seals to keep your drink safe during transport, so it’s perfect for those in the city who are on the go. It’s got stainless steel double walls to keep your coffee hot or your cold brew coffee chilled throughout the day. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. 

If you’re a coffee lover who’s always on the go, we offer a Canada-wide coffee subscription service to deliver the best French press coffee to your door on a regular basis. Check out our subscription plans and see what works for you - we even offer free shipping across all of Canada!

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