Papua New Guinea Enorga

Papua New Guinea Enorga

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MEDIUM-DARK ROAST Organic CoffeeFair Trade Canada

Region: Eastern Highlands Province, Okapa district
Producer: Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-op (HOAC)
Elevation: 1300 – 1750 m 
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic

An amazing unique coffee that has a natural brightness, but is surprisingly full bodied with bold earthy tones and lingering notes of citrus and mango.

This new coffee is from the Purosa region of the Okapa district in the eastern highlands Papua New Guinea. Grown and processed by small village growers whose main cash crop is coffee. Adhering to organic and Fair trade guidelines has let them access a global market to raise their standards of living. These growers support about 12,000 family members and, as interest grows, it is expected that a further 5,000 growers will sign up with the HOAC over the next few years.


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