Peru is an extremely diverse country. From the green rainforest of the Amazon to the golden beaches of the Pacific Ocean, from the arid Atacama Desert to the snow-peaked Andes, it holds a huge variety of landscapes and climactic regions.

If you’ve been to Peru, you’ll have experienced the warmth of the people and their Incan-inspired culture, which speaks to a strong, proud heritage. If you were there for vacation, you’ll have some idea of the soaring Andes, the lush rainforest and perhaps, if you're lucky, even the diversity of the country’s coffee. 

Peru is the 11th biggest coffee producer in the world, but it’s not all about the size of your bean pile. The country has ten different producing regions, from jungle to peak, so to speak, all with their own unique cup profiles. Lower-altitude beans tend to yield a mild acidity, a medium body, and a smoothness with hints of almond, wildflower and delicate fruit like apricot. 

While beans from farms high up, like the one that produces our Peru Penachi, tend to feature a bright acidity, vibrant floral aromas, and a rich sweetness.

Peruvians take their coffee seriously, since it forms the livelihood of more than 200,000 Peruvian families. In 2019 coffee was the country’s fifth-biggest agricultural export. Its ranking changes a bit every year, but back in the early 20th century coffee accounted for a whopping 60% of Peru’s total exports. Now, the lion’s share is minerals.

Organic symbiosis
Better-grade organic coffees the world over are grown together with other organic crops like cacao and bananas. There’s a simple reason for this: to avoid pesticides, you need a whole ecosystem growing together. The organization that produces our Peru Penachi, Central de Cafetaleros del Nor Oriente (Cecanor), is in a region that only grows organic coffee. It’s a partnership between three coffee cooperatives close to the town of Penachi in the Lambayeque region of northwestern Peru—a remote, high-altitude area with a strong Incan heritage.

Peru Community Meeting Penachi - Coast to Coast Coffee

Cecanor is committed to quality production, environmental preservation, and community development. 20% of their members are women, and a woman represents the cooperative on Peru’s National Coffee Board. There's no doubt you can feel pretty good about the cup you’re drinking.

Our Penachi beans are wet processed, yielding grounds with a rich, mild to medium body and delicate acidity. You’ll taste a hint of baker's chocolate and a subtle note of ripe black cherry. It’s definitely one of our favorites!

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