Reusable Keurig PodsBy now we've all heard the negative press about Keurig K-Cups. Sure, they may be more convenient than traditional brewing methods, but their advantage pretty much ends there. First, they are extremely wasteful. Because of all the landfill they've generated, John Sylvan the creator of the K-Cup, has even said that he regrets inventing them. In 2013, Green Mountain Coffee produced 8.3 billion K-Cups , enough to circle the globe 10.5 times. And they are just one of many suppliers. I speak to many people at coffee events, and when the subject of their home brewing method comes up, K-Cup users are typically pretty sheepish when they respond “I use Keurig Pods.” 

K-Cups also make an expensive cup of coffee, ranging in price from about $0.80 - $1.00 each. Quality seems to be lacking too, as I have yet to taste a good cup of K-Cup coffee. Your cost per cup using Coast to Coast Coffee? About $0.40 cents – for coffees that are far superior in taste.

But one way that a Keurig machine can be used guilt free is by using a reusable pod. This eliminates any waste, reduces your cost, and allows you to buy your coffee from smaller roasters that are much more likely to put care in selecting and roasting your coffee compared to any of the bigger coffee players. Not only that, using a reusable pod allows you to grind your coffee just before brewing, a step that is essential if you want to enjoy your coffee at its best.

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