Did you know that once your coffee bean is ground, it loses its flavour in a matter of minutes? When oxygen hits the bean's surface, it begins the staling process. 

When the bean is whole, it helps to keep the inside fresher for longer. What’s better for a coffee lover than drinking a hot cup of freshly roasted coffee first thing in the morning? 

Well, not much. If that explanation alone didn’t convince you to stick with buying whole bean coffee, maybe these four reasons will. 

Why You Should Be Buying Whole Bean Coffee

Okay, it might be less time-consuming and easier to purchase your coffee pre-ground, or packed into a small single-serve disposable k-cup. But do you want to prioritize ease over all the benefits whole bean coffee has to offer? 

If you aren’t sure yet, let’s discuss the four main reasons you should pick whole bean over pre-ground every time.

You Control the Flavor 

You don’t see what you get when you grab a bag of pre-ground coffee from the grocery store. If you aren’t sure what degree of grind you need to brew,, you are playing a game of chance every time you buy.   

If you purchase whole bean coffee, you can adjust each cup of coffee as you go. If you don’t like the strength of the first cup, then grind your beans a little bit differently the next time around.   

Underextracted coffee from beans ground too coarsely produces a weaker cup with muted flavour, which is a perfect indication you need to keep the grinder going a little bit longer. 

Whole Beans Remain Fresher, Longer 

Unfortunately, many people never get to enjoy a fresh coffee bean's genuine natural sweetness and aroma. 

Once a coffee bean is ground, it loses its freshness rapidly. In fact, pre-ground coffee loses its fresh, natural flavour within 30 minutes. 

You heard that right; in half an hour, the coffee bean harvested for your pleasure will never make its way to your cup with the taste nature intended. 

If that doesn’t convince you, then maybe the idea that you’re paying for stale coffee will. Ultimately, pre-ground coffee sits on store shelves for days or weeks before making its way into your pantry. That means you’ll never have the opportunity to drink a fresh brew. 

You Control the Grind Size

The degree of your coffee grind matters. The reason you want to have control over the size of your grindis that each coffee maker requires a specific size. 

If all you own is a drip coffee maker, then this probably won’t make as much a difference to you, as drip coffee is a little more forgivable in terms of grind size. 

However, if you want to make espresso, use a french press, or create a delectable cold brew, you will need to fine tune the size of your grinds. 

Take espresso, for example. Espresso differs from coffee in a few different ways, with one of the main ones being the size of the grinds. While traditional drip coffee makers use a medium-fine grind size, an espresso requires extra fine.

How to Store Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is the best way to go when looking for a full, fresh, delectable flavour. However, how you store your coffee beans can also play a massive role in how your next cup tastes.   

When storing whole bean coffee: 

  • Put them in an airtight container (stainless steel, glass and ceramic are best)
  • Keep them in a dry, cool place
  • Place clear containers in dark locations (direct sunlight reduces the strength of the flavour)     
  • Purchase roasted coffee beans in smaller quantities (so they’re easier to store - and also likely brewed closer to the roast date which will improve flavour!)

How to Grind Whole Bean Coffee

Now that we have explained why whole coffee beans are better, you probably want to know how to grind your fresh coffee beans. Whether you prefer light roast, medium roast, or dark roast, you can do this with a coffee grinder, food processor, blender, or rolling pin.   

You should invest in a burr grinder for coffee beans to get the best consistency. These grinders allow you to control size and will ensure they are consistent, giving you an even flavour that tastes the same with each cup. 

What is the Best Size?

The size of your coffee grind will reflect your brewing process.

  • Coarse: Best for French Press coffee makers and cold brew coffee.
  • Medium coarse: Best for pour-over coffee makers.
  • Medium: Best for drip coffee pots. This is the most common size found in pre-ground coffee.
  • Fine: Best when making espressos or using a moka pot.
  • Extra fine: Best when using a Turkish coffee pot or some espresso machines.

Where to Buy Whole Coffee Beans

If you’re ready to purchase your first bag (or your 100th bag!) of whole coffee beans, you have the option to order them online with free shipping to anywhere in Canada.   

Coast to Coast Coffee not only sells a wide variety of quality whole bean coffee, you can even sign up for a recurring subscription, so your beans will be automatically sent to you on a schedule of your choosing.   

You can have your favourite coffees shipped to you without the hassle of re-ordering, whether you are looking for a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery. Simply log onto Coast to Coast Coffee and sign up today.

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