Red Door Espresso

Red Door Espresso

$2 from every package goes directly to the Red Door Family Shelter

LIGHT-MEDIUM ROAST Organic CoffeeFair Trade Coffee

Red Door Espresso is roasted to a light-medium, which really allows for the flavour of the beans themselves to excel, rather than the taste of the roast. It has a balanced fruity acidity, smooth body and tastes of honey, sweet cocoa, toasted almonds and dark cherry. Many believe 'Espresso' needs to be a blend of specific coffees, or a specific roast, but what it is really is a method of preparing coffee. So, if you tend to prefer lighter roasts, consider this tasty blend, even if you are not brewing it as espresso.

The Red Door Family Shelter is a registered charity in Toronto. Since 1982 the Red Door has provided safe and supportive emergency shelter for families affected by homelessness and abuse. Currently the Red Door operates a family shelter for newcomers, refugees and families experiencing a housing crisis, and a Violence Against Women (VAW) shelter for women and their children escaping domestic violence. The Red Door Family Shelter serves over 500 families each year. For more information, visit

Weekly $18.95, Bi-weekly $19.95, Monthly/One Timer $20.95