Some time ago, my family and I started contributing coffee donations to Red Door Family Shelter, a Toronto organization that assists families, refugees and women fleeing violence. They have been around for a while—since 1982, when only one other shelter was operating in Toronto. They do great work. From a volunteer group working in a church basement, the Red Door has become one of the largest shelters in the city, serving over 500 families every year.

Red Door Shelter

As Coast to Coast Coffee grew and our relationship with Red Door evolved, we saw an opportunity to work together. We decided to develop a Red Door-branded coffee offering as a way to raise funds and awareness about the important work they do. With each package of Red Door coffee sold, their organization receives two dollars.

Two dollars per package may not sound like much, but for a customer on a recurring monthly order, that’s $24 per year directed straight to the Red Door. Plus, it gets our coffee lovers acquainted with a worthwhile cause. Which is the point of this blog post.

Another thing about Red Door coffees is that they make great gifts {}. Not only are you giving the gift of amazing, fresh-roasted coffee, but the gift of peace and a brighter future for women, families and refugees in need as well.

If you would like to support the Red Door Shelter, order your coffee here.

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