Give a Gift of Coffee & Chocolate Covered Beans

Give a Gift of Coffee & Chocolate Covered Beans

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First package is $29.95, all subsequent packages (if applicable) are $19.95.

Some say there is no better combination than coffee and chocolate, and we don't disagree. We partnered with a local chocolatier to create what we think are some of the tastiest chocolate covered coffee beans around. We think you'll agree that the combination of our very own fresh roasted coffee with delicious handcrafted dark chocolate is truly something special.

The first package of this gift, priced at $29.95, consists of 300 g of the coffee of your choice and 100 g of our amazing chocolate covered coffee beans. If your gift consists of more than one package, all subsequent packages will only contain 400 g of coffee and will be priced at $19.95.

Your order will be shipped with a To/From gift tag and delivered directly to the mailbox of the lucky recipient. 

And there is no need to wait to begin your 2020 holiday shopping! Use the drop down above to let us know when you would like your gift to begin. Don't hesitate to place your orders right away and cross some names off your list today! 

*Please note that for recurring gifts, we charge per order, not as a lump sum.


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