If you’re unsure whether you should be drinking organic coffee, we have some news you don’t want to miss. 

There are many benefits to consuming organic coffee instead of products grown from chemically treated soil that can ultimately make you sick. 

While there are more than a dozen health benefits to drinking organic, we’re highlighting the top five we feel are the most important. 

What Is Organic Coffee?

Many years ago, coffee beans were cultivated in virgin soil, where plants and animals lived together in harmony, allowing crops to grow naturally without additives or toxins. 

Sadly, the coffee industry is growing rapidly, and many companies are trying to produce as much product as possible in the shortest amount of time. This process cramps conventional coffee bean plants into small spaces and forces out the creatures that once called those fields their home. 

Without birds and other critters around to eat the pests that enjoy feasting on coffee plants, farmers must use pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers to keep their crops growing.   

Organic coffee is the plant that grew before modernization took hold of the industry. These coffee beans grow in soil free from toxic chemicals and rely on the natural environment and ground soil to produce safe coffee beans for consumers.   

While organic coffee isn’t the most common option on the store shelves these days, a few quality companies still provide this much healthier option.

Why Choose Organic Coffee?

While we already discussed how organic coffee doesn’t require the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, there are other reasons why this approach to coffee production is a better option.

Full of Nutrients

Organic coffee provides consumers with more nutrients than non-organic options. Since the soil used to grow the plants is unaltered by chemicals, it typically produces more nutrient- and vitamin-rich beans. 

Helpful to Farmers

Growing organic crops can benefit coffee farmers’ pockets. Organic coffee is considered to be of higher quality and so sells for more money. The higher profits it generates offsets any higher production costs and allows farmers to earn a better income for themselves and their workers.   

It’s also better for the health of coffee growers since they are not being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Better for the Planet and Communities

For the same reasons organic production benefits farmers, it also helps the planet and local communities.

Not using chemical products on crops reduces the runoff that makes its way into local waterways and penetrates nearby soil.   

Organically grown coffee beans are typically grown in shady conditions. Many commercial coffee growers grow their crops in full sun, however, with the aim of improving yield. 

Needing continuous sunlight increases the number of forests being demolished and cleared away for coffee tree plants. 

5 Health Benefits of Choosing Organic Coffee

Now that you know what organic coffee is and why it benefits every aspect of our lives, let’s look at how this delicious cup of joe can improve your health. 

1. Linked to Lower Levels of Depression

Multiple studies have shown that drinking coffee daily can decrease depression.   

One Harvard study showed that women coffee lovers who consumed at least four cups each day had a much lower risk of being depressed than those who did not.   

Coffee fights depression because it is a stimulant that releases dopamine, a natural mood-boosting hormone released by your brain.

2. Boosts Energy Levels

Certified organic coffee is packed with essential vitamins that increase your energy levels naturally. It also has a high caffeine content that stimulates your nervous system, requiring it to burn more calories. 

This product also increases your adrenaline, which prepares your body for a great workout and improves your overall performance. 

3. Supports Heart Health

Drinking coffee is believed to be good for your heart. One study in particular showed that those who drink between three and five cups per day have a 15% lesser chance of developing heart disease.   

Another study determined that drinking three to four cups of coffee daily reduces the chances of a stroke by 21%.

4. Helps Burn Fat

There’s a good reason why many weight loss supplements use coffee as one of their main ingredients. That is the fat-burning quality it possesses.   

Coffee naturally boosts your metabolic rate by a considerable amount, which, as we all know, increases the amount of fat we burn throughout the day.   

Coffee is also considered a natural appetite suppressant that aids in weight loss. It curbs your appetite by helping you to feel fuller longer, curbing your cravings, and reducing the risk of over-eating.

5. Better for Your Digestive System

Non-organic coffee has a high acidity level compared to organic options. This acidity can trigger and increase symptoms of heartburn and indigestion.

Summing Things Up

While most of us grab our morning coffee for the caffeine, coffee lovers should also consider what harmful chemicals go into our body with every sip and how they affect both our own health and the health of the planet.   

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